July 16, 2021

Experiencing the Magic of Disney with Brizheet Rentschler

Experiencing the Magic of Disney with Brizheet Rentschler

Experiencing Disney World Through Your Kid’s Eyes

We would always treasure our memories of Disney World as kids, even when we grow old and become parents ourselves. But experiencing Disney through our kid’s eyes is entirely different.  Brizheet, for one, said that her love for it being older now stems from her ability to take her daughter there herself. When we would go to Disney with our families as kids, we would make all these memories we would never forget, memories we would always look back on fondly. But once you have a kid, that magic is tenfold because when we take them, we become part of a memory they will also look back on fondly.


Disney is forever evolving, from their Imagineers to everyone else involved there. They always try to step their game up and do something better because they want to keep the magic alive. So every time you go, it will always be a different experience - as magical as your last visit, or even way better! For instance, when Brizheet took her daughter to Disney for the first time, she could only go with the kiddie rides, but she still loved it. Then, when her family went there recently, they went on the roller coasters—something new but just as magical. In the end, experiencing Disney through your kid’s eyes is always worth coming back to because it keeps the magic of childhood alive in all of us.


Reliving The Magic of Childhood

We love going to Disney for many reasons, but indeed, one of them is to relive the magic of your childhood. At Disney World, we get to drop our baggage at the door and be a kid again, and that feeling is irreplaceable. For Brizheet, she would go there to feel again what she felt as a kid and make some more memories as an adult. While “being a kid again” may sound cliche, there is still a kind of magic in reliving childhood. It gives us a profound feeling that would never change even with age, just as Walt Disney had intended. After all, you are never too old to play like a kid, and Disney World allows you to do just that. They encourage you to be in the moment, to be immersed in the experience with your favorite cartoon characters and the magic that those stories provide.


Brizheet’s favorite thing about Disney is that it always feels like a vacation, which should be a given, but it is challenging to do, especially as a parent. But being immersed in Disney allows her and other adults to turn off their brain to a certain extent, where they find themselves enjoying the moment rather than dreading the reality that comes after. Disney does such an incredible job in making everything enjoyable! Their customer service is top-level just to make sure that we do have a magical experience, from the cast members, the security, and even the cleaning crew. They work hard to make our experience special, so that what we only have to do is enjoy every moment of it.


About Brizheet Rentschler:

Brizheet Rentschler is a wife, a mother, and a Disney fanatic. Originally from Oklahoma, Brizheet graduated from the University of Oklahoma and now works as an independent contractor at Magical Vacation Planner. The agency aims to provide its clients with services to make beautiful memories without being stressed over the details. Hence, the saying “Experience the Magic; Leave the Planning to Us!”


Now, Brizheet resides in Pensacola, Florida, with her family. She also loves to travel with her family, so she always looks forward to helping others do the same, sharing Disney World’s magic.


Outline of the Episode:

  • [02:10] What it was like living in Oklahoma and why Brizheet prefers beaches over lakes
  • [03:47] How she ended up in Pensacola and decided to raise a family there
  • [05:31] The first time Brizheet went to Disney World and how her love for Disney grew since then
  • [06:17] How different it is to experience the magic of Disney World through your kids’ eyes
  • [12:42] How many times her family has been to Disney and the perks of having an annual pass
  • [17:35] What are her favorite park and rides at Disney World?
  • [28:57] Her favorite thing about Disney and why she loves the place then until now
  • [33:52] Her memory of the place that stands to her the most and her personal connection to Disney
  • [37:50] A time when a visit to Disney went south for Brizheet’s family
  • [41:25] Her constructive criticism to fans of Disney World and how everyone enjoys the place differently
  • [49:22] What the future holds for Disney and what Brizheet looks forward to the most about it
  • [55:11] What Magical Vacation Planner is, where the idea came from, and how to get in touch with them



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