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Christian and Regan provide a great opportunity for fans to speak about what they love and how it reflects them. They are literally fantastic people.

Love this podcast!

I love how many topics they cover and i have learned about so many different fandoms. Can’t stop listening!

FANtastic podcast

The flow of the conversation is always so genuine. It’s like being a fly in the wall of just great discussion. Even when the topic is something I have either no knowledge of or even not a fan of, the engage between hosts and guests keep you involved and learning things each episode. Love having this in my Monday morning admin routine to catch up and hold hands with nostalgia or catch my self writing things down to look into. Regan and Christian do amazing jobs at evening out air time for each speaker. Nothing feels disconnected, it all blends so well. Definitely a quick fun listen any part of the day ❤️


This is a different type of podcast. It’s not just subject oriented, so if you’re looking to broaden your horizons this is a great option for you.

10/10 Would Recommend

A very interesting podcast with two entertaining hosts! I think what makes a good podcast, aside from the topics, is the hosts’ ability to carry a conversation and keep their listeners intrigued. These two definitely have that in the bag! I would definitely recommend this podcast to anyone looking for something new to listen to.

I’m a superFAN!

The best of any sport, the best of any movie genre, and the best authors are always worth listening to. The best fans are an awesome opportunity to enter a gateway to those worlds. Oftentimes, you learn more from the fans who can do a serious analysis than you do from the more formal reviews. This podcast really hits a great niche! I’m a FAN!

Great Topics

Great information from interesting people about their passion. Great for Novices as well as those who have a deeper understanding of the topic at hand!